30 years of experience in the field of testing

Dith a number of high-performance laboratories to carry out mechanical, optical and acoustic tests, CRITT Sport Loisirs offers catalogue-based testing services for the marketing of protective products such as personal protective equipment, as well as customised services for the development of products for companies.


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In this increasingly complex innovation and research landscape, where there are more and more players, the CRITT Sport Loisirs and its centres of expertise must provide a tailor-made response to the needs of companies in the PPE field, in particular thanks to its ability to adapt and be reactive, its acquired knowledge, its size adapted to SMEs, its recognition of quality and its wide range of services.

Over the years, the CRITT Sport Loisirs has seen the number of test benches multiply, whether it be ageing machines, drop shafts of various sizes or measuring instruments (optical, acoustic, chemical, etc. ....). However, a common policy, both in the context of our quality assurance and in the systematic verification of the relevance of the measurement used for particular studies, has led us to constantly optimise and invest in new measurement processes. The transversality of this know-how now allows it to address the sports and industrial sectors simultaneously.

Thus, in order to put your products on the market, our structure is able to test them all, according to the standards in force


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In 2018, a new European regulation on PPE forced CRITT Sport Loisirs
to outsource its "Certification" branch of activity by creating a subsidiary named
Aliénor Certification ". This subsidiary, of which CRITT Sport Loisirs is a 100% shareholder, has as its sole purpose the certification of PPE (sport and industry) with the CE marking.
Since the BREXIT, Aliénor Certification has created its English subsidiary, "
Aliénor Certification LTD "
to obtain the UKCA mark.

For CE marking


Tel: 33 (0) 5 14 13 10

Mail: contact@alienor-certification.fr

For UKCA marking


Tel: 0 203 102 40 11

Mail: contact@alienor-certification.uk