Death of Mr. Alain JUNQUA, co-founder of the CRITT Sport Loisirs

It is with great sadness that we learned last week of the death of Mr. Alain JUNQUA.

Mr. JUNQUA, an emblematic figure in the university and sports world of Poitiers, created the CRITT Sport Loisirs in 1988 with Agathon LEPEVE, which today has some forty employees. He left the presidency last December.

Mr. JUNQUA had co-directed about forty theses, published several books, the last one in June 2021 entitled "Sport at school, mediator of scientific culture", and organized several conferences on biomechanics. He was also at the origin of the "Science and Sport Olympic Classes", an innovative concept of scientific popularization whose primary objective is to give children a taste for engineering sciences. Mr. JUNQUA has opened a way in the scientific culture and it is up to us to continue his action in this spirit.


"Mr. JUNQUA, rest in peace, the employees and the members of the board of directors of CRITT Sport Loisirs will do their utmost to be worthy of the legacy you leave us. Thank you for everything.

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