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CRITT Sport Loisirs is authorized to perform a "EC" type for masks and visors to protect the face, mouth guards, breastplates, the protective shells, buoys and swim jackets, vests protection against drowning specially designed for boating (Opinion of 24 July 2010 Official Journal of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment on the application of the code of sport).

Examples of equipment tested


  • Helmets : Mountaineering, martial arts, baseball, boxing, canoeing and white water sports, cycling, skating, fencing, football, hockey, rugby, skiing, paintball, air sports, biking / BMX ...
  • Protections : buoys, life jackets, swimming swimsuits with floats, anklets, shell genital pants / trousers / fencing armor, shoulder pads, gloves, vests, protection against drowning, chaps, goggles, chest protectors, shin , knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, neck guard, ankle guard protects kick protections street hockey, mouth guard, chest protector, ...


Nature of tests


  • Mechanical tests
  • Impact tests
  • Dimensions, sizes
  • Load tests
  • Markings
  • Etc..


Quality approach



As part of its quality assurance program, CRITT Sport Loisirs accredited by the COFRAC as No. 1-1570 accordance with the ISO 17025 standard on several test programs whose scope is available www.cofrac.fr


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