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  • Weighing the protective
  • Adjustability of the guard or size
  • Rotation of the shell
  • Force exerted by the cradle and atrial pressure
  • Fall
  • Bending arch
  • Immersion in water
  • Acoustic attenuation performance
  • Insertion Loss
  • Inflammability





  • NF EN 458: Recommendations for the selection, use, care and employment maintenance
  • NF EN 352 (1 to 10): general requirements, safety requirements and testing on the HPD type: headband earplug, headband, helmet-mounted passive, active communication and
  • NF EN 13819-1: Physical test methods
  • NF EN 13819-2: Acoustic test methods based on subjective tests (EN 24869-1) and objectives (NF EN 24869 -3).



Subjective tests


  • Perception by the hearing threshold test on 16 people in a room acoustics.
  • To determine the attenuation of the protector of 8 frequencies and deduce the attenuation values​​, high (H), medium (M) and low (L) frequency and the overall index (SNR)


Marking & Instructions



Systematic verification of markings protector (applied standards, trade name, etc..), The operating instructions and the technical file

Quality approach


As part of its quality assurance program, CRITT Sport Entertainment is accredited by the COFRAC as No. 1-1570 accordance with the ISO 17025 standard on several test programs whose program 123-4: protectors against the noise.


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